Message of Our Patron & Founder


This is co-educational school has been established and modelled after the education thoughts of Sant Ishar Singh Ji of Karamsar Rara Sahib, Distt. Ludhiana, Punjab. The profile of Punjab and Punjabi’s living in the other states of India and in foreign countries know it well that Sant Ishar Singh Ji was a great spiritual personality. His educational thoughts are being put into practice by his followers. Sant Maharaj Ji intended to give a school with a difference to the area which could serve the people in a very purposeful and effective manner. He also wanted that the school should provide an environment and a range of opportunities to develop qualities of character, social consciousness and a balanced qualities of character, Social conciousness and a balanced sense of values in the students. He further wanted to educate and develop such citizens of India who have strong roots in cultural ethos of the country, are unbiased in their out look and have compassion for their less fortunate

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