Message of Our Chairman

Mrs. Gurmeet Kaur

“The most notable winners usually encounter heart breaking obstacles before they triumph. They win because they refuse to become discouraged by their defeat” – Bertie C Forbes. When Baba ji entrusted this responsibility on me at the time I made a firm determination in my mind and heart to accomplish this great as well as novel task successfully . A voice came out of my heart Baba ji I” never let you down. Baba ji remains with me and helps me in accomplishing this noble cause by being an Angel . In Sant Ishar Singh Public school we believe that all children have some god gifted talent but with the present structure of education, we are somehow not be able to bring best of our children. Here we believe in the over all development of a child. We go deep into this matter that why a child is not performing well and find out the measures to improve his/her basics. Today SISPS CHHAHAR has achieved this renowned status. It is only because of hard work and collective team spirit. Here we admit student not from high income group, if it will be, it is against democracy and we do social justice towards all walks of life however they survive, are welcomed . I along with team shall not leave any stone unturned for the betterment of the students.